Why Onella LED

Moto95.in are designers & suppliers of Onella Auto LED Lights, our exhaustive range has been designed with features which match and exceed the competition  available in  market. We can easily boast of the most versatile range available with any seller in India. Our product applications include Day to Day  Driving, Off-roading, Mining, , Agriculture, Commercial Vehicles, Military, Security etc. All our products have been specially designed & manufactured  keeping in mind Harsh & Varied  atmospheric conditions in India.


 Our manufactures follow most stringent Quality Control methods which result in less than 0.01% failure rate of our lights. Industry standard methodologies are  followed to ensure that every product coming out of factory virtually faultless. 



IP67 & IP68 Protection

RoHS Compliant

CE Mark

Variable DC Input

Die-cast Aluminum Housing

Compatible Wiring Harness

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