Aircraft Toggle Switch (Carbon Fiber Look) with LED


100% brand new and high quality
These are a great add on to any vehicle, computer mod, or anywhere a switched source is needed.
They will control virtually any accessory you can throw at them up to 20 AMPS, and are Motor safe !!!! Racers use them to activate ignitions, boost, fans, the military fire missiles, you can control lights, winches, NOS systems, class A amp fans, computer LED's, and more!
All of our switches currently offered are of the lighted illuminated toggle switch variety. These are a true 12V LED's in the switch casing, which means you do not need to add additional resistors typical with some other LED lighted products. Easily installs.
Circuit: ON-OFF
Illuminated when the switch is in the ON position
Rating: 20A 12V DC
Requires a 15/32" - 1/2" (12.2mm) diameter mounting hole
Size: 6.7 x 5 x 1.5cm (approx)
Cover color: Carbon fiber 
Led color: White

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